Ey, so sometimes I get questions about where, exactly I came from. 

And I’m going to answer it. This woman right here is my moms.


Her name’s Jamilah— but y’all might know her as Nigeria— the richest country in Africa. (Aw, yeah, bet y’all suckers ain’t know that Missy E got massive bucks in her family.)

That big ol’ head wrap on her head is called a ‘gele’. The bigger that thing is, the more money and power you claim to have (since those things use massive amounts of cloth) and as you can see, hers is huge. Like I said, richest country in Africa.

Came from the homeland in about 1619— and I was told by a certain someone that I only had to hang tight for seven years or so before I got home— obviously that ain’ happen d’ough, so uh…. Yeah. I guess you could say that was the first time a Europe screwed me over. But enough about old news. I just thought I’d say a lil’ somethin’-somethin’ since it’s been 150 years since the Eman Proc.

More on my past later.

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